Thirdbuy – E-Commerce on the Blockchain
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Thirdbuy – E-Commerce on the Blockchain

Introducing a complete e-commerce platform, built on the blockchain

With the upcoming rise of web 3, the metaverse, and smart contracts, we are creating the first trade and commerce platform powered by the blockchain enabling physical good transactions using crypto. Our platforms will not only revolutionize e-commerce as we are creating the first proof of purchase program for physical products under the form of an NFT. We are a team of young yet driven students aiming to change the aspect of exchanging goods for the better.

How It Works


Select An Item

Browse the decentralized marketplace of products and select an item you want to buy.

Select An Item

Securely Enter Shipping Details

Enter your shipping details to send securely to the seller to ship the product to you.

Securely Enter Shipping Details

Pay With Your Crypto Wallet

Connect your crypto wallet and pay with hundreds of supported currencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and more.

Pay With Your Crypto Wallet

Get Your NFT Receipt & Product

Once you pay, you receive an NFT as a receipt for your purchase and your item delivered to your shipping address.

Get Your NFT Receipt & Product

Some of our features

Buy & Sell With Crypto

Products bought and sold on Thirdbuy have solely cryptocurrency as a source of payment. Buy and sell products only with crypto on Thirdbuy.

Zero Commissions or Fees

Unlike other crypto platforms and payment providers, Thirdbuy has no commissions or fees whatsoever. That's 0% fees and commissions for all products.

Proof-Of-Purchase With NFTs

Thirdbuy is introducing the first physical Proof-Of-Purchase with NFT receipts. When you buy physical products, you receive NFTs to prove that you own them.

Hundreds of Currencies

Thirdbuy supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies out of the box, allowing anyone with any wide range of cryptocurrencies to buy products on Thirdbuy.

Instantly Track Your Orders

With Thirdbuy, you can instantly track your orders, and see the status of your purchases. As a Seller, you can also see the status of your sales.

Add & Read Seller Reviews

To make sure the sellers on Thirdbuy are high-quality, we have added a review system to the sellers. You can add reviews and read reviews of the sellers.

Chat Directly With Sellers

If you have any questions about a product, you can chat directly with the seller. This makes it simple to get questions or problems you have answered quickly.

Connect With Similar Buyers

Thirdbuy is creating a social e-commerce platform with the blockchain. NFTs as a Proof-of-Purchase system with allow buyers of similar items to connect.

Showcase Products You've Bought

NFTs as a Proof-of-Purchase system allows users to showcase what products they have bought in their own public profile.

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Our Team

  • Gabriel Romualdo

    Founder & CEO

    Gabriel co-founded Thirdbuy after an engineering career as a senior engineer and engineering manager at several SaaS and crypto startups. He's been building products for over half his life.

  • Vincenzo Francia

    Founder & President

    Vincenzo co-founded Thirdbuy with Daniel and Gabriel in 2022 with the vision of using web3 and crypto to change the world of e-commerce. He previously built a leading reselling e-commerce business in Milan, Italy.

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